Saturday, September 27, 2008


I spent the day looking for random things for the apartment, a winter coat, boots... I found nothing, of course, and ended up wandering around, taking in the city. I didn't really take any pictures. I feel like I want to just walk through Paris and absorb it without analyzing it or pausing to capture a piece of it. So, that means I don't have many pictures to share.
Here is one of the cats that I live with. I have no idea how to spell her name - it's Russian. She's crazy, though, and is fond of pouncing on my stomach while I try to sleep, smelling my food, playing with my feet, and rifling through my clothes. She's really entertaining!

I'll post more about Paris soon. I'm sort of tired and still taking it all in.

A few pics of my last sunset in Barcelona:

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Katie said...

Just added you to my blog list. :-)

Please go to your nearest epicerie and pick up a Carambar. It's a candy with stupid French jokes on the wrapper... the "chic" equivalent of the Laffy Taffy. And delicious!