Monday, September 8, 2008

Maté on the beach

We're getting our first fall breezes in Barcelona... FINALLY. I love fall. Everything is in motion and is imbued with energy and movement - wind blowing, leaves falling. You can just feel CHANGE in the air. My doors were blown open by a big gust of wind, and I just had to take a picture of the city, in that moment. Then I looked to my right and realized that I can see directly into my neighbor's salon:

I met up with an Argentine friend who ended up bringing me along to lunch at his friend, Pitxi's house. Pitxi is a 60 guy from Buenos Aires. He made us chicken stew and served us 7 Up to drink. We all went to another Argentine's house, added 2 more Argentine's to the mix, and headed to the beach. Pitxi made us maté, and we all sat on the beach, drinking maté in the traditional style, from a silver straw in a wooden cup.

A photo of today's sunset over the city:

And some love from the streets of Barcelona...

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AnnaMyers said...

amazingness. wish i was there.