Thursday, September 4, 2008

Collector of curious goods

Sometimes I think that I should be a bohemian gypsy woman who travels with her cart of random wares. I'm always collecting little accessories and knick-knacks. I would LOVE to travel around in a cart with pretty things dangling over my head. It started when I was 4 and collected beads. At 7 it was Lisa Frank stickers. By 12 I was collecting nailpolish (my favorite was some hideous mustard yellow shade that my mom said gave me "smoker's nails"). I've been through some other various collector phases - Chinese tea cups, belts, ironic/cheesy greeting cards, vintage photographs, pinky rings (?!).
Anyway, lately I've been stocking up on accessories - belts, scarves, pendants, head wraps, jewelry with feathers, hair accessories. Oh, and socks. I figured that when you have to stuff all of your wardrobe into 2 suitcases and that wardrobe needs to last an indefinite amount of time, ACCESSORIES are the key to keeping things fresh and interesting. The first thing one of my Austrian friends said when she entered my room was, "You have so many belties!" And yeah, I guess I do have a lot of "belties". They're coming in handy, though. I'll have to dedicate a post to the belts that I brought over and have collected here.
Some pics of my favorite accessories. Some were found here and others come from home.

Hair accessories:

A finished look:

p.s. Sometimes while browsing through pics to upload, I stumble upon a shot of a family member or friend and get a little homesick. My little bro... OMG I miss that face.


AnnaMyers said...

omg wesley!!! i miss the little kiddo

you have some amazing pictures on here jess

Serepta said...

People should read this.