Monday, September 22, 2008

It's official

Fall in Barcelona has set in. It's breezy, crisp, and raining! The streets are littered with big, burnt orange leaves glistening with rain drops... I love it! It's making me feel a bit sentimental about leaving, though. Fall in Barcelona really is magical. The city has a dark, almost sinister air about it. I find it enchanting.

Love the colors in this pharmacy near my flat. I'll miss walking by it:

My first fall outfit (the lighting for pics is bad today, sry!):

I wear a BCBG headband, vintage top, cuffs from a local Indian store, black Diesel jeans, and Vialis boots.
Close-up of the boots. I am IN LOVE... I plan on wearing them with black and electric blue.

Now I'm off to spend an afternoon breaking in my new journal and browsing through my inspiration binder...

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