Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Date night

The Pea is leaving, and I can't really bare to think about her departure... We've shared a lot of great memories here, and an affinity for dates and chocolate (Milka for her, Ritter Sport for me). On a late night hunt for chocolate, we stumbled upon a precious treasure: a massive box of Tunisian dates:

We decided so save the dates for... DATE NIGHT. On the beach, with headscarves and sunglasses. Even the suddenly cool fall evening breezes couldn't keep us from our gyspy rendezvous.

The Pea:

'N Me:

I wear a Zara top, Topshop shorts, a Plein Sud sweater, and vintage bangles, headscarf, sunglasses and necklace.


Sara said...

If I were a paparazzo, I'd totally take your picture and try to sell it to US Weekly cause you look famous

Anonymous said...

Girly, EVERYTIME I message you on Skype you're NOT THERE!!! I can't believe you're moving to PARIS!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOO Excited for you! It's definitely your city, you fabulous thing, you!
OKAY... So I found your email address and will be writing you shortly!


Stephanie said...

Y'all are very bohemian. I totally love it.