Saturday, September 6, 2008

My purest reality

Yesterday was a good day. I made an attempted trip to an out-of-town beach. It was an "attempted" trip because I got on the wrong train, reached the last stop (unknowingly), stared out at some small industrial city with no beach, sat on the train wondering where on earth I was, then felt the train go BACKWARDS, as in BACK to Barcelona.
It wasn't a total bust, though. I was able to journal in my new gold lamé moleskin and flip through a French Vogue. Anyway, I'm absolutely loving travel by train - it's retro and romantic... I'm still waiting for a Before Sunrise moment.

French trainz:

So after my train trip to a barren wasteland, I decided to just head down to the Barcelona beach, and it was GREAT. Seriously, this was the most entertaining beach experience. One of my beach highlights was a group of homeless people drunkenly playing instruments and attempting to put on a little flamenco show. There was dancing, clapping, yelling, jumping...

And there was a fabulous group of old British ladies (about 8 of them) eating Chupa Chups and gummy worms. I want to be the woman on the right when I'm older - great swimsuit, cute hair cut. Loves it.

On the way home, I passed this great bust, covered in plastic wrap with shells for shoulder pads. Notice the ham leg accents.

To top it off, all of these experiences were set to the tunes of the new CSS album "Donkey". It's been my "it" album for the past few days. It is sooooo good. So good.

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Tara said...

I've really been enjoying the public transit, too. It's such a different experience from riding solo in your own car each day. MISS YOU!!!