Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vagabondage of sorts

"Where in another ten years, shall I be, myself? Certainly not here. How many seas and frontiers shall I have to cross to reach that distant day; how far shall I have to travel, on foot, on horseback, bar car, push-bike, aeroplane, steamer, train lift, moving-staircase, and tram? How much money shall I need for that enormous journey? How much food must I gradually, wearily consume on my way? How many pairs of shoes shall I wear out? How many thousands of cigarettes shall I smoke? How many cups of tea shall I drink and how many glasses of beer? What an awful tasteless prospect! And yet to have to die..."

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Saturday morning, sunny and clear. Taxi to Soukra. Sunshine, techno, glow sticks and cigarettes. I didn't know the words, but I sang along anwyay.

Half Light

I had dropped out of
law school when I met Eve.

She was very beautiful.

Very pale, cool in her black dress,

with never anything more
than a single strand of pearis.

And distant.
Always poised and distant.

I've been trying to download the new Sex and the City movie for 3 days now. I just wanted to watch something mindless. In its place I revisited a totally unrelated film, Interiors. It's my absolute favorite Woody Allen film. Have you seen it?

A dark tale contrasted by a pale and tonal set. It plays on insecurities - comparing ourselves to other people, the feeling of coming up short, fears of loneliness and abandonment... And somehow the film seems still, so still. Pristine and stark like a slow piano song.