Friday, October 3, 2008


I haven't blog in a while. Just been trying to settle in and figure things out... Anywhoooooo I have lots to tell! First of all, I am in love with Paris, vraiment. This move has admittedly not been as easy as I had expected, and the transition hasn't been as natural as I assumed it would be. Even so, I feel like I "fit" here in Paris, and I am so excited to be here.
In some ways, Paris is just as I expected - crisp, noir, somber, serious, big - and I'm beginning to pick up on other aspects. The urban fabric is unravelling... café culture, whimsical design details, a reallly noir palette, and moody skies.
And the fashion, of course. French style is makin' me crazy with jealousy! I'm trying to break it down and figure it out. A few key things that I'm picking up on are: monochromatic palettes with pops of colour, unexpected shapes (in pants, jackets, tops, EVERYTHING), minimal accessorizing, and oversized bags. They're crazy about fur vests right now, as well as low-crotched pants and booties.
Blah blah, some pics:

p.s. Just to make everyone jealous, I met a French actor today (eek!) - the doctor in 2 Days in Paris, and I saw one of the actresses from the film on the street yesterday! 2 Days in Paris is seriously one of my favorite films, so I'm kind of on Cloud 9 at the moment.

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Stephanie said...

UUUUUUUUGH! I am in an absolute FIT of Jealousy!!! (the happy-for-you kind, though).

Your photos are tres jolie! Sigh. How I miss Paris. what a beautiful place.

So glad you're enjoying it! :)