Saturday, September 27, 2008


I spent the day looking for random things for the apartment, a winter coat, boots... I found nothing, of course, and ended up wandering around, taking in the city. I didn't really take any pictures. I feel like I want to just walk through Paris and absorb it without analyzing it or pausing to capture a piece of it. So, that means I don't have many pictures to share.
Here is one of the cats that I live with. I have no idea how to spell her name - it's Russian. She's crazy, though, and is fond of pouncing on my stomach while I try to sleep, smelling my food, playing with my feet, and rifling through my clothes. She's really entertaining!

I'll post more about Paris soon. I'm sort of tired and still taking it all in.

A few pics of my last sunset in Barcelona:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Je Suis Arrivée

I can't believe it. I'm in a slight state of shock/an alternate reality... i.e. I'm laying in my bed in Paris listening to my roommate's classical music, smelling cigarettes and stew from the neighbors, and looking at the clear blue sky peaking through my window. I AM HERE.
My night train was interesting, to say the least. I envisioned some romantic trip through the dark of night - the train speeding through small towns, cold French air blowing through open windows, interesting conversations with random Parisians... NO. No, I was in a crammed room with no windows, stale air, and 3 old ladies (one of which had some major snoring issues and BAD BREATH).
It was all worth it, though, because I was welcomed to this (all photos taken by my roomie):

My new French home, complete with the fattest cat I've ever seen in my life (he's also the sweetest that I've ever encountered). My roommate calls him "le chien", aka "the dog". When he comes out of hiding, I'll post a pic.
Now I'm off to explore and settle!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Chueca. Love it.

I had to take a quick trip to Madrid to get my visa stamp. I was revisited by this hand:

at my hostel. It's like I'm being pointed to Paris! Anyway, I stayed in Chueca, which is a fab neighborhood. Lots of amazing restaurants, local shops, cute gay boys...
I loved this bust, hangin' out on someone's balcony. Probably a local designer:

PIcked these up at a goth shop. I figured I could do some Adams Family - inspired outfits with them:

It's official

Fall in Barcelona has set in. It's breezy, crisp, and raining! The streets are littered with big, burnt orange leaves glistening with rain drops... I love it! It's making me feel a bit sentimental about leaving, though. Fall in Barcelona really is magical. The city has a dark, almost sinister air about it. I find it enchanting.

Love the colors in this pharmacy near my flat. I'll miss walking by it:

My first fall outfit (the lighting for pics is bad today, sry!):

I wear a BCBG headband, vintage top, cuffs from a local Indian store, black Diesel jeans, and Vialis boots.
Close-up of the boots. I am IN LOVE... I plan on wearing them with black and electric blue.

Now I'm off to spend an afternoon breaking in my new journal and browsing through my inspiration binder...

Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm currently listening to the disgusting sound of buildup draining out of my sink pipes. Let's just say that plumbing in Europe is, well, awful. I'm totally grossed out at the moment and am trying to distract myself, hence a blog post.
I move in a week, and I'm excited/nervous/exhausted/overwhelmed....
I've been waking up in the middle of the night, mind racing, trying to wrap my mind around this move. Bought my train ticket today. I leave on Thursday night at 9, and arrive in Paris on Friday morning at 9. Fall asleep in Barcelona, wake up in the City of Lights.
I'm a little sentimental about Barcelona, but I am mostly excited to get back to Paris - my city, mecca, whimsical, inspiring, somber, magical, painted doors...

But I'll miss side-splitting encounters at Museum,

Monopatistas at Plaza Universitat and the MACBA,

Nights out with nerd glasses,

My never-made bed,

The Raval, beach parties on Marbella, café con leche at Teteria Malea, Catalan Euro-mullets (sort of)...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey Lisbon!

Some pretty pics from the city:

The beach at Cascais:

This little staircase led to a small beach packed with little skater boys. Notice the "Fascista" sign. Ha!


I'm back... Sort of.

I've been in Lisbon for the past few days, and now I'm at the airport, waiting for my plane to Madrid. This past week was a whirlwind, and it's looking like my next 10 days will be too. I move to Paris on September 26. Eek!

For now, let's talk about LISBON. It was amazing. It's a city of contrasts - amazing, massive buildings that are perfectly manicured next to abandoned and decrepit ones. There are winding, narrow streets, plenty of hilly areas with tiled staircases, and hints of ocean views in between the arches between buildings. Everything is covered in colorful tiles and graffiti, and the sounds of reggaeton music can be heard streaming from funky shops and restaurants.

I'll post pictures soon. My Flickr account is acting up at the moment.

I decided to base my warddrobe for Lisbon around the color of the blue nail polish that I've been wearing... it's been my inspiration. The Pea gave it to me right before she moved, so I'm a little attached to it right now. I packed tops with funky, bright prints and/or animals on them. I was going for a somewhat silly look for my last hurrah to summer 2008 in Europe:

I brought printed scarves to tie around my bag or to wear as headwraps:

For the bottoms, I wore my Topshop distressed skirt and black leggings. Outfit pics to come...

Hints of blue in Lisbon:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I love black and I can always appreciate a dark palette, but there's something so nice about bright, funky summer colors. I'm experiencing a last-minute obsession with COLOR.
I think that this has been heightened by the fact that... big news coming... I'M MOVING TO PARIS. OMG OMG OMG. I'M MOVING TO PARIS. My mom is shipping me my dark winter wardrobe. I can't wait!
I'm planning on working colors into my wardrobe ad nausea until my move!

On that note, I painted my nails blue and decorated my phone with ridiculous stickers:

Colorful modes of transportation:

"The beauty is your head":

Date night

The Pea is leaving, and I can't really bare to think about her departure... We've shared a lot of great memories here, and an affinity for dates and chocolate (Milka for her, Ritter Sport for me). On a late night hunt for chocolate, we stumbled upon a precious treasure: a massive box of Tunisian dates:

We decided so save the dates for... DATE NIGHT. On the beach, with headscarves and sunglasses. Even the suddenly cool fall evening breezes couldn't keep us from our gyspy rendezvous.

The Pea:

'N Me:

I wear a Zara top, Topshop shorts, a Plein Sud sweater, and vintage bangles, headscarf, sunglasses and necklace.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Maté on the beach

We're getting our first fall breezes in Barcelona... FINALLY. I love fall. Everything is in motion and is imbued with energy and movement - wind blowing, leaves falling. You can just feel CHANGE in the air. My doors were blown open by a big gust of wind, and I just had to take a picture of the city, in that moment. Then I looked to my right and realized that I can see directly into my neighbor's salon:

I met up with an Argentine friend who ended up bringing me along to lunch at his friend, Pitxi's house. Pitxi is a 60 guy from Buenos Aires. He made us chicken stew and served us 7 Up to drink. We all went to another Argentine's house, added 2 more Argentine's to the mix, and headed to the beach. Pitxi made us maté, and we all sat on the beach, drinking maté in the traditional style, from a silver straw in a wooden cup.

A photo of today's sunset over the city:

And some love from the streets of Barcelona...