Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I love black and I can always appreciate a dark palette, but there's something so nice about bright, funky summer colors. I'm experiencing a last-minute obsession with COLOR.
I think that this has been heightened by the fact that... big news coming... I'M MOVING TO PARIS. OMG OMG OMG. I'M MOVING TO PARIS. My mom is shipping me my dark winter wardrobe. I can't wait!
I'm planning on working colors into my wardrobe ad nausea until my move!

On that note, I painted my nails blue and decorated my phone with ridiculous stickers:

Colorful modes of transportation:

"The beauty is your head":


Sara said...

Oh MY GOOOOOODNESS!!! You're actually doing it! Paris!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you and your courage. I need to come see you there stat.

Katie said...

Sighhh... So jealous of your happy news of the Parisien demenager (move... without the accent marks). My mom told me you were probably going to take up residence in the City of Light, the city dearest to my heart, and I couldn't help but be bitterly jealous. Oh well. I suppose it would be cheesy to interject a "C'est la vie" right now...

Love the bright blue fingernails. Mine are gunmetal gray. :-) I get mixed reactions, but they delight my heart so I'm sticking with them till they chip.

nicole said...

thompson! you are moving to PARIS!!!!!! omg. i'm jealous, and i'm visiting you. love you eurobaby!

codester said...

ohemghee, im in love with you. baby come back!

Tara said...

Jessica!! PARIS!! Give me the scoop!!!