Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Exquisite rare miniatures

As I've said before, I'm an accessories freak. I like conversation pieces, typically represented by oversized forms or in the little details of belts and bracelets, necklaces and tiny handbags... My recent

Ooh la, I'm in love with this piece. It's got a over-the-top, Disney girlishness to it that I'm really loving. Just bought it from work and am planning to rock it in Japan come February. I picture it with knee socks, chunky heels, bubble gum (haha). For now, it's accompanied vintage frocks and Docs!

This little trooper has tagging along to those 6 a.m. dance parties at Le Baron. I found it at a fabulously crammed 3-story vintage paradise here. There is a whole room of vintage slips, corsets, etc. I also picked up two lace ones-ies that are epic. I'll add pics soon.

At least I've got someone's hands around my waist in the winter...

This little belt is a gem. Bejeweled koi fish?! Kill me.

I love the Southwestern/80's glam rock vibe of this one.

And some Texas flair.

I swear, for the love, I cannot handle these pics being cut off by Flickr any longer. SOMEONE HELP ME.


Alex said...
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MrsKatherineA said...

oh wow I am loving all these belts! and your hair!