Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Self-fulfilling prophecies

So I apparently have to live in my Docs for the next months because my good 'ol Frye boots don't work so well on icy streets. I fell today. Like, wiped out. Fortunately I was on a quiet, 8 a.m. cobbled Monmartre street so I think that it was unwitnessed. For those of you who know me well, you know that I have a PARANOIA about falling, probably because I slip often. Let's see, there was that time on a beach in Washington when I slipped on a sandy, wet log and somehow ended up in seaweed brush. Oh yes, and when I fell onto the dirty beer-soaked floor of Beauty Bar. One time I just fell while I was standing straight, not moving at all, at Diesel. Then there was that rainy street in NYC. All this to say, "Thank you Doc Martens for existing".

And on an unrelated note, here are my new hairz!!!:

Paired with Betset Johnson coat, vintage fox fur throw, and a vintage silk button-up.


Alex said...
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Tara said...

Dudeeeeeeee Jessica!! I didn't know you had that coat, did i?! I have the black one! Hahaha. Miss you SO much!

Tara said...


I fell horribly on New years and skinned and sprained my knee really badly. It was finally healing when today, I fell off of a ladder at work. Wait to see the pics, it's disgusting. I feel your pain :( We've been wearing Docs here also. Cowboy boots just don't work.

MrsKatherineA said...

you poor thing! I am so clumsy and fall all the time. xoxo