Sunday, January 18, 2009

Strange animal

Some weeks just pass by uneventfully - work and French and meetings and interviews and metro and photo shoots in les toilettes at Le Ritz... A circular shaped bathroom, with a mirror on each stall door, I mean, c'mon I HAVE take advantage.

This outfit has ruled my life - an old H&M coat, Diesel boots with perforated leather, and an huge and epic bright blue scarf.

This week was full of early mornings, which means getting ready in the dark. Well c'est pas grave, because I've been in a DARK mood. A good "dark" mood - a campy/creepy, Rick Owens, Japanese Ukiyo-e (aka prints) - state of mind.
So anywho, I figured that Olivier Theyskens could contribute to this current inspiration, so I decided to rock this top that he did for Nina Ricci. It's a combination of gauzy white material and dark grey wool, with some zipper details.

Nina Ricci + The Cure, New Order, and Interpol, and I'm ready to greet any rainy Saturday.


pazzifica said...

hi my lovely ex ashtanga student!
its me...Paz your teacher in Bcn.
How are you?!....what about your new life! in Paris?.....from Bcn kisses and huggs! I hope everything is okay for you!!!!!!

Alex said...
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laurakitty said...

That top is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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