Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fade to grey

C'est toujours gris? Non, non, pas du tout. Well, okay, today was gray and snowy, but the city still has colours to boast.

Early morning walks,

Patagonia in the Jardin des Plantes,

Everything in the Pompidou Centre,

and plenty of carousels.

Anywhoo, today I braved the snow to hunt down a New Years Eve outfit. I went to my usual vintage cavern, my favorite little neighborhood haunt and stumbled upon some cool belts and a few old dresses. I bought some cheap, bright dresses to pair with my black patent Doc Martens. I'm going to hem the dresses to be short and silly, then pair them with chunky scarves, wooly hats, and layered tights. My camera's dead, so pics aren't available yet.

Maybe tomorrow... and I've got a new haircut. Frange (bangs)!! So yes, pics of that also.

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MrsKatherineA said...

can't wait!! omg I love the sound of all this - bangs will be gorgeous on your face xoxo