Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Urban Jungle

I've been basically living in concrete cities for the past 4 months without much repose, and now I don't even notice the lack of wide, grassy, Texas-like plains. Paris does have some beautiful little inner courtyards and gardens that make you feel like there is some "yard space" if you will...

On a sunny day, I stumbled upon this sleepy street that is full of them. It also houses some "Bains", which were the public bath houses back in the day. So cool!

Then there was this little flash of "Nature's Revenge".

Paris has a reputation of being a somewhat gray and somber city, which can certainly be true. I always get a pick-me-up from soft-glowing electrically lit signs, or warm light that's shed from flats in the early evenings.

I loved this restaurant: "Fountain of Jade". Yesssss.

And every now and then you catch some pink clouds, illuminated by the sunset.

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