Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quoi de neuf?

I spent Saturday at the Luxembourg Gardens here in Paris. They're absolutely beautiful, and I took lots of pics but am too lazy to upload them at the moment. Sunday was a lazy day with nothing exciting to report. And then, there was Monday (yesterday). which ended with another chance encounter, this time while exiting the Metro. As I was walking up the stairs, I caught sight of someone who I met during my little Paris vacay in August, Otman. On my last vacation day here, I was sitting in a park and whining with my travel buddy about not wanting to leave Paris. Two bums in the distance got into some drunken fight, and were slurring in completely incomprehensible French. When one got his cane out, a guy sitting near the bums got up and headed toward my travel buddy and me. He sat near us and started randomly chit-chatting, then somehow ended up giving me a hand massage and telling me that I was dehydrated and that I had lower back problems (all information that he gained from the hand massage). So, um, the massage ended with him popping my back 3 times. He was, like, 16 inches shorter than me, but got behind me and did that back-pop thing where you pick someone up and shake them. 3 TIMES. I was dying, dying, dying with laughter the entire time.
Anywhooo I ran into him again yesterday. Small world. He was really excited and decided to take a picture of us with his camera phone, on the metro stairs...? It kind of made my night.

And one totally unrelated pic to make this blog entry less blah:

RICK OWENS (photo courtesy of style.com). Love him, love him.

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