Thursday, May 19, 2011

Magic Feather

Patti Smith. In Paris, I believe.

"try to ride on waves of activity
in every direction
you're the center and you're always free
in every direction"

Grey nails. New black jeans. Fake tattoos. Short(ish) hair. White blazer. Turban. Those are my Paris staples for this little stay.

Trying to look a little more chic and a little less hippie.

I love Paris, and it is so damn beautiful, but, well... I feel like I'm biding time here. I can't wait for, in no particular order: my denim shorts, Barton Springs, Polvo's Tex-Mex, Big Bertha's vintage, Tara's baby girl, hugs from my little (but very tall) brothers, yoga, late night walks, porches, and Austin sunsets.

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