Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello from Sorrento

I'm in It'ly y'all! I spent one afternoon and night in Naples. My hostel was in the old city center, and it took my taxi driver and I about 45 minutes to meander through the maze of narrow stone streets before we found the place. And by that time I was starving, so I stumbled out into the labyrinth and into a raucous, bare-boned restaurant that served the tastiest pizza I've ever had in my life. I'm not really a pizza person, but this pizza was supernatural. I decided to walk down to the sea and got some gelato along the way. Also supernatural.

Naples had a certain authentic/trashy port-city charm. Apparently for the past two years the mafia has been controlling the garbage/waste disposal and hasn't really been doing any kind of, um, trash collecting? There were gigantic piles of trash all over the place along with lots of graffiti and black soot on the buildings, but it felt really... real. Clotheslines between narrow streets, scooters zipping around, loud southern Italians yelling at their kids, tons of bookstores, outdoor markets...

My camera was dead so I didn't take any photos in Naples. These are a few Sorrento pics. The Mediterranean and the bluest blues. I have some kind of obsession with boats and ships, the different colors and shapes, the way they look just floating out there on turquoise waters.

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Ruthie said...

Nice pictures J.
I wish I could be also bathing in blue waters and hearing those noisy mams.