Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet and bitter taste

93 years, Floyd Stone.

My grandfather is dying. I skyped my mom when I got home from work and happened to catch her in the middle of calling hospice and her brother and sister to give them the news. His health started rapidly declining this week; he fell a few times, and he's basically stopped eating. Today both of my parents stayed home from work to watch him, and then made the decision to call hospice.

I spoke to my grandmother, and she's just so sad. They've been married for around 65 years, and although he's not the easiest man to get along with, she's loved and cared for him consistently. She told me through tears that she holds his hand every night when they get in bed, and that she's simply going to miss him.

I feel awful for not being in Texas right now, in this moment, during this time. I know that he's lived a long and happy life and has spent the past 2 years surrounded by family, but I feel sad for my grandmother, sad for my mom, selfish for being here and not there... Some days I want nothing more than to be close to my family again.

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GINA BIBER said...

I'm sorry, Jessica. :- (