Wednesday, April 27, 2011

C'est tout simple

I used to pride myself on being one of those girls who was too busy and too post-modern to be domestic. I dated guys who did the cooking, wore motorcycle boots with my lace dresses, and killed plants with my black thumb and apathy. Well something has changed me, and while those boots are still one of my staples, I'm taking great pleasure is some of that dreaded domesticity.

After watching The Future of Food, a documentary about modern farming techniques that the lovely Gina posted on her blog, I felt even more compelled to take pride in my "simpler" life, as a step forward. In Tunis it's not too difficult to find organic fruits and vegetables, so I've made it a habit of stocking up and making fresh non-processed dishes. Today it was slow-roasted root vegetables with eucalyptus- infused local honey and homemade applesauce. When I get back to Austin I may even test out my black thumb and see if I can't grow a little herb and veggie garden...

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