Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shiver with me.

What can I say about this trip? It was nothing like I expected it to be. I fought leaving and missed my flight, which ended the trip on a not so high note - 4 hours of Sudoku and reading in Schonfield. I definitely have to go. This city is dynamite. It's modern and all at once retro (think 60's and 70's colored tile and steel), kitschy, full of light glass structures and Commie buildings, graffiti... It's under-habited which gives it an air of possiblity. There's so much open space, so many places to make new and to fill. It's a city that feels haunted and unfulfilled, and I felt unfulfilled in some sense by this trip. So I'll definitely be going back. I want more from Berlin, and I think that this city has more to offer. Maybe in the summer...

It was snowing. You can't catch the snow with a camera, unfortunately.

Morrissey nite in some random bar.

German Christmas decor?

U-Bahn textures

Potsdamer Platz. I had to write an essay on this place...

Regardez le kitsch.

Running late and not giving a damn. I didn't want to leave.

And please, people, teach me how to properly format my Flickr photos, I'm dyyyyyying.

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Alex said...

The red horse......is amazing. I wish it were real. I totally want to go flying on it