Friday, February 27, 2009


Good evening, from Tokyo. What a strange and fabulous city. I'm in love. This happens to me every time I visit a new city - I fall in love. It's cold and rainy and a little snowy here, but I still love this insane metropolitan mess.

My flight was delayed so I ended up landing in Tokyo almost 12 hours late. This means that I missed my briefing meeting for HOW to be on live TV. I had to wake up early this morning to meet my interpreter, who gave a 15 minute run-through of what exactly I should be doing, what cameras to look at, etc. Basically she explained to me that as the Japanese host of the Shop Channel was asking me questions, the interpreter would whisper the English into my ear. AKA I had to clear my jet-lagged head through a jumble of 2 languages. Whatever I did it and maybe I'll show a clip if I don't look too fat or feel too embarrassed.

After that we headed to eat some amazing Japanese noodles at a rickety little joint that looked like a little house in the midst of skyscrapers. A few coffees later I braved Shibuya, home to bright lights, department stores, karaokes, funky shops, and video game centers. I'm uploading pics for your pleasure right now.

Some old promised pictures,

Sara and I stumbled on this cool art installation in the 3rd.

Then on to some of my favorite graffiti.

My favorite vintage haunt, complete with this little dude in a nook.
Where I found this velvet floral blazer. EPIC.

Walking home from the Pere Lachaise.

The ever-ripping tights.

Aggressive people wrote on my hand.

Sweaty dancing with the lovely Isabel.

Happy to have left this fat bastard. AKA my ex-roommate's cat.

This is the view from my new apartment. A burned-out building across from me. I secretly love the bottomless black pits staring across from you.

And here's an image of Leo, taken by me as I sat on my plane for 4 hours, wondering when it would depart. HOT.

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Tara said...

SO excited for you Jessica!! keep taking pictures!