Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey babyz

Sorry that I've been M.I.A. for so long. Work got a little crazy, Sara came, I moved, and now I'm heading to Tokyo and Hong Kong for more work, work, work.
So some recaps:
Sara's visit was epic. I took her to all of my favorite places and we giggled and laughed and took funny pictured and talked in weird voices and talked about watching A Clockwork Orange but didn't watch it and went out until 8 am (Sara in her badass new fur coat) and and and. It was good.
I'll upload pics soon.

I moved to Pyrenées in the 20th arrondissement, and I lurve it so much. I haven't had time to unpack and set up, but pics to come I swear.

And now I'm sitting in the airport (so far I've been here for 9 hours because of delays), dying to get on this plane and get to Tokyo! So I'm going to be on Japanese TV being interviewed on (ahem) infomercials for our company. I have no words. I am nervous and I also think it's going to be hilarious. I've never been on TV and I'm sort of shy, so... yeah. How does this work? In Hong Kong, I'll be doing my more typical merchandising/import/export/marketing what-not. PIcs and maybe even a little video clip to come.

Basically, I have things to show you and I will do it.

Lastly, to pass the time in the airport, I watched Romeo + Juliet, a film that I last saw, like, 8 years ago or something. Anyway, it's amaaaaazing!! I totally forgot about it. I love the sort of trashy 90's beach setting, the music, the fair thingy, the modern interpretations of R and J's outfits (Romeo's chain shirt?! Yes yes. And Romeo, aka young Leo is an androgynous dream. So much to love.

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