Saturday, January 1, 2011

Walk toward the light, Jess Local

A couple of weeks ago, Sam and I decided to wander the streets of Centre Ville and Bab Mnara after our weekly Turkish kebab/shawarma indulgence. Jordan was coming that night, and I felt the weight of the wait. What to do in the in-between time?

We walked, through the belly of Centre Ville, and around the back of the Medina. As we approached Bab Mnara, the streets became increasingly chaotic and crowded - old ladies in the hijab, vendors, small trucks and stand selling clementines and onions. The sun was just starting to set over the scene, a blinding brightness blurring the details. Sam and I were talking about existential things and were swept up in the wave of energy, being pushed through the crowd and toward the sun. "Walk toward the light, Jess Local," he said. I did somehow feel like I was being reborn, like I was discovering a new city and entering into a new phase.

Once we were launched out of the rush near Bab Mnara, we entered the Kasbah, where we were met by relative peace, the last remnants of daylight and the ever-so-slight brisk evening breeze.

Jordan arrived late that night. His flight was delayed. Sam and I spent hours waiting and walking around the little Tunis airport. The next days were filled with work and finding ways to meet up with Jordan. And then we were off to the desert. Posts on that to come soon.

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Anonymous said...

Jess, please write back as soon as you can. We are all worried about your safety.

- Lisa from ATX