Friday, June 12, 2009

Death doves and love angels

I was in Spain a few weeks ago for 10 days of sun, sand, the Mediterranean, sangria, old friends, ethnic shops, mountain hikes, and laughs that made me feel like my old self.

I spent the first two days in Málaga, which is far from a picturesque Spanish city. It had a sort of grungy and industrial thing going on, but I dug it. The beach was chill, and I finished Junot Diaz's latest book and listened to Mayor Hawthorne, B. Alone, and Lee Fields & The Expressions.

Then it was off to Barcelona where I stumbled upon some very cool Indian and Turkish clothing and jewelry. This somehow set me off into the most intense whirl of ethnic inspirations.

Right now, for me, it's all about India, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. I'm drawn to dark smoky eyes, oriental florals, silver and gold bangles, head wraps, huge chunky rings, drop-crotched pants, tissue-like scarves, and gladiator sandals.

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